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Guide you in your international Business
Beyond the actual procedures and mainstreams, our role is to guide you in your international Business Development. That is why PartnersWay makes a global commitment, since the initiation of your need until the effective realization of your project.

PartnersWay collaborates with the best technology players in the Middle East, the Gulf region, North America and Europe. We are proud to place ourselves in the heart of a powerful partners network to accelerate your growth while you focus on your core business.

It is our expertise to understand your challenges and to introduce your know how to the international markets. Joining our PR skills and our commitment, PartnersWay shares the latest thinking tied to business and discuss opportunities, which lead our partners to new fields of productivity and profitability.


PartnersWay Strategy understands the mechanics of organizational success.

We have the people, skills, insights and deep industry experience needed to shape new forms of client value.

We bring the art and science of business together to help our clients create their success. it inspires, connects, and makes it happen. this is what we call high performance, delivered.

PartnersWay delegates services to some IT leading structures which we select in reference to their fully equipped Infra-structures which suits all IT activities, devoted technical multi languages teams and the transparency in pricing and commitments

We are proud of the long-term relationships that we have with many of our Partners, which reflect our commitment to client satisfaction


We are proud to count on our business network which is consisting of some prestigious european and International firms and our commercial know how together with our ability to present the latest technologies in the IT market. we define with our client his urgent and long term requirements in order to identify the best actors to realise its immediate and future goals

We up to date regularly our netwok by our active research and participation in many exhibitions and conferences focused on IT business

We keep our pre cursor’s position thru our participation in many start up competitions organized by international universities&institution to select the best evolutive technology for the near future.

We Commit

Prospecting potential clients and partners


Prospecting potential clients and partners

Communication Channel

Set up a communication channel between client and partner
Customizing documents


Customizing documents to suit both parties procedures


Maintaing proper communication between the two parties


Combining parties interests for the benefit of all


Whether you want to acquire an IT & digital company on a local market as part of an external growth strategy, or diversification strategy, or whether you are a foreign group wishing to penetrate the European and mainly French market by acquiring a local IT & digital player, it will be essential for you to analyze with precision, method, rigor and professionalism all the elements that will make this action a major asset in your next development.

Seasoned experts in the business world, senior executives in large international IT groups, strategic advisers, we will support you from your very first strategic thinkings up to the full completion of the merger and its first months of existence, through the essential due diligence. We will advise you in your M&A (merger-acquisition) operations, on all opportunities as well as on each of the identifiable risks.


Concretely, we will engage with you, methodically, within the framework of:

  • the support for the strategic thinking opportunity,
  • the analysis of areas of interest in the targeted local market (technological, competitive, human, finance, etc.),
  • the study of constraints, risks and legal obligations of the targeted market,
  • the search for the best target,
  • the analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks of the target,
  • the full and precise study of financial, legal, marketing & commercial elements of the target,
  • the fine analysis of organizational charts, strengths and weaknesses in HR,
  • the thinking plan on the appropriate acquisition or merger strategy,
  • the essential action plan implementation to the success of the operation.

Our business sector: IT & digital

We act and support you in all your M&A procedures, by performing your due diligence, on the French market for all technological innovation, IT and digital topics.

Our strengths: expertise and experience

A team of experts from the IT and digital sector, experienced leaders of several decades, managing companies of all sizes in the IT and digital world, on the French and European markets.

Your risk: the success through a successful end-to-end operation

We are committed with rigor, method, professionalism and enthusiasm, for the unique goal of making your M&A operations fully successful, ultimately allowing you to ensure new development.

How can we now, support you in your strategic thinkings and then your M&A (merger acquisition) initiatives on the French IT and digital market?

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